Fiss in Summer

As you leave Landeck, driving along the Inn towards South Tyrol or Switzerland, the sun might suddenly disappear, even if it's early in the afternoon. The mountains reach great heights here, and their shadows stretch far across the valley. If you lease the busy main road to the west, following the sings to Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis , you will soon be pleasantly surprised. Once you have passed the first three serpentines, the sun returns, and the higher you wiggle your way up, the stronger it shines. After the last serpentine the road peters out on a terrific plateau. The Tyroleans, quite rightly, call it their 'sunny plateau', for here the sun shines more often and more intensive than anywhere else in the country.


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The family region of Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis has built up a summer offer that is unique in the Alps over the last few years. Numerous attractions have been created and more and more mountain railways have extended their operating times. 

Inclusive. Packages:

  • incl. use of all 10 cableways
  • incl. Adventure World Serfaus
  • incl. Summer Fun Park Fiss
  • incl. shuttle bus between villages
  • incl. children’s events (6 days a week in 2 children’s clubs)
  • incl. Brezina’s adventure mountains (“The crashed plane”, “The witches’ hut”, “The tree house”)
  • incl. guided mountain walks
  • hiking buses

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Beware of the summer in Fiss can be quite sexy

Pleasure trail for lovers

Mountainbiking in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis

Bikepark Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis

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As the daylight fases, only headlamps point to the way ahead and light up the cave walls. The tiny troglodytes are on an expedition with the Mini&Maxi Club through the secret interior of the mountains.

Another children's group will be building forest huts for themselves and preparing for an evening spent at a campfire telling and listening to stories while youngsters from 12 to 15 will be staging a thrilling SixCup tournament. The Mini&Maxi Club Fiss holds out the promise of exicting adventures in the mountains, of trying out all kinds of the latest up-and-coming sports and of all sorts of fun.

Mini&Maxi Club Fiss-Ladis:

  • 3-4 years
  • 5-8 years
  • 9-11 years

2/ "Fisser Flitzer"

The focus of the Fun Park is the "Fisser Run", a summer toboggan run in the class. It runs from the top station to the base station of the Moser train, in between making a lot of corners, underpasses, overpasses and some surprises in the journey to the exciting experience.

Thus, the region Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis, which is their children's hotels, with their special ski school care for tots, through the Kinderschneealm Serfaus and the children's country Fiss a top family ski area, and in summer a new attraction at family friendly prices richer.

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Data on the summer toboggan run Fiss
Start: Moser car station
Objective: Moser Valley Station
Length: 2,200 m
Vertical Drop: 370 m
Average gradient: 19%
Transfer time: 7-8 minutes


Feel like Icarus and float above the treetops, which is now also possible for Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis. Em with new aircraft, "Fisser pilot", the double-decker is similar to 4 passengers at the same time can be the wind blows around the ears.
8 to 47 meters roars one with a hang glider harness properly secured, with up to 80 km / h from the top station in Fiss Möseralm back to the valley. Once there, the "flyer" will again be at 40 km / h again pulled in the direction of the notch floor exit to the starting point and launch the next flight.

"Who has ever done is to repeat offenders. And the second time takes you friends, because in addition to the kick even more fun, "said a test pilot on behalf of Fisser lifts. The next summer is comming.

Data on Fisser flyer
Start: Moser railway top station Notch bottom exit
Objective: Moser car station
Length: 700 m
Vertical Drop: 100m journey takes about 2-3 minutes (with ramp)


The beauty and height of the plateau Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis can rob many guests to the breath. Added in the summer of 2007, another attraction: the Skyswing to almost 2000 meters. This giant swing will feel up to to 6 persons for a few moments of weightlessness, when either a 12 meter free fall or fly at 65 km / h only a few meters above the ground between heaven and earth.

Swing Radius: 15 m
Lift height: 22 m max. 120 °
Free fall: 12 m
Maximum Gravity: 4 g
Maximum speed: 65 km / h
Capacity: 6 people per trip per 3 minutes per trip


Water exerts a magical attraction to children, nothing excites her imagination more than the mixture of soil, sand, water, Tyrolean "Glatsch referred. Free castles, streets and landscapes can be from the outside and make the most exciting experiments with it.


The "Murmli Trail" - the migration experience for children. Takes them through a lush forest near the "Gampenbahn.

A number of surprises and adventures await the children. Just after the entrance (1) waiting on the track all sorts of strange noises when passing.

When Tell Fountain (2) states: pure in a cave. There tells the story a mysterious fountain of "Murmli," the little groundhog from his adventure trip through the mountains.

Get out the party root man (3). The answer, if one throws stones at him - depending on how well you meet!

The next station is waiting for the photo board (4) mom and dad take a picture of the children along with Murmli and the bear family.

On we go: It may well be that the Sleeping Bear (5) suddenly wakes up, moves and starts to grumble, while the children have made themselves comfortable on its back.

The croaking owl (6) sits on a branch and can not only talk but sing!
And at the end, the kids of the climax: the Murmli Cave (7) Living room, bedroom and kitchen of the house Murmli be seen.

7/ Adventure Mountains

Three exciting adventure hikes are awaiting the kids this year in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis. Our children's adventure tours:

  • The Witches’ Trail more
  • The Explorer’s Trail more


Child care for tiny tots up to the age of 4 is available in the new Murmli crèche at the cable car valley terminal in Serfaus.

The superb facilities at the Murmli crèche bring a smile to the faces of all young children.

Opportunities for young children to sleep, baby area with soft toys and dolls, shop, doll’s house, crafts table, etc.

Fun & Games room with ball pool, slide, climbing wall, hammock, soft play equipment, games of skill, learning games, Lego, wooden building blocks, etc.

Weekly programme with dancing lesson, painting competition, puppet theatre, making playdough, finger painting, crafts, etc.

Meeting point:
Murmli crèche in Serfaus (Murmlibahn valley terminal)

Your children (3-4 years old) can take part in the all-day entertainment programme at the “Murmli crèche” for free. (limited number of places)

Inquiries and registration:
straight from the Murmli crèche or tel: 0043(0)5476/6203-235

9/ Mountain Restaurants summer

Treats on the mountain

Serfaus, Fiss and Ladis are cozy mountain restaurants with table service or self service. Numerous huts invite you to stop. Regional and International specialties and a large sun terrace await you.


Restaurant Lassida SB Sonnenterrasse / Liegestuhlterrasse +43/5476/6203-506 Serfaus
BergDiamant Panorama Restaurant SB Sonnenterrasse +43 (0)5476/20131 Fiss
Bergrestaurant Möseralm SB Sonnenterrasse +43 (0)5476/6769 Fiss
Grillalm Bedienung Sonnenterrasse +43 (0)5476/6382 Serfaus
Kölner Haus Bedienung Sonnenterrasse +43 (0)5476/6214 oder 6454 Serfaus
Hexenseehütte SB Sonnenterrasse +43 (0)5476/6214 oder 6454 Serfaus
Rodelhütte Bedienung Sonnenterrasse 0043(0)664 530 26 57 Serfaus
Madatschen Bedienung Sonnenterrasse +43 (0)5476/6818 Serfaus
Schalber Alm Bedienung / SB Sonnenterrasse / Liegestuhlterrasse +43 (0)5476/6770 Serfaus
Cervosa Alm Bedienung / SB Sonnenterrasse +43(0)5476/6350 Serfaus
Fisser Kuhalm Bedienung Sonnenterrasse / Liegestuhlterrasse +43 (0)5476/6508 Fiss
Frommesalp Bedienung Sonnenterrasse / Liegestuhlterrasse +43 (0)5476/53074 Fiss
Schöngampalm SB Sonnenterrasse / Liegestuhlterrasse +43 (0)5476/53074 Fiss
Steinegg Bedienung Sonnenterrasse +43 (0)5476/6984 Fiss
Wonnealm Bedienung Sonnenterrasse +43 (0)5476/20092 Fiss
Obladis Bedienung Sonnenterrasse +43 (0)5472/6089 Ladis
Restaurant Neuegg Bedienung Sonnenterrasse / Liegestuhlterrasse +43 (0)5472/6264 Ladis


An adventure on two wheels for the whole family - whether a simple bike ride across the sunny Serfaus-Ladis-Fiss plateau, or a mountain bike tour for the really fit. We'll make sure you get what you want. The paths are marked and protected, in line with Tyrol's new path guidelines. If the ascent is too steep for you - or if you're not as fit as you once were - the cable cars will take you and your bike to the top and you can enjoy the ride back down into the valley well rested.

Our region provides 35 signposted tours.

Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis is one of the best mountain biking areas in Tyrol.

As well as hosting the International Schönjoch Trophy - a hill ride with an ascent of over 1,000 metres and a total distance of 17.3 km. Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis also offer tours for beginners and families on the plateau; smooth and easy ascents with several chances to take a break in cosy inns and restaurants. The cable cars in Fiss and in Serfaus take you to the top offers and adventures at high altitude even for the unpractised mountain biker. More demanding and fitter mountain bikers can ride to their heart's content on more than 70 kilometres of trails, and enjoy the splendid mountain landscape of the Samnaun group and the foothills of the Ötztaler Alps.


A hiking holiday in the Tyrolean mountains

With great delights from 1,200 m to 3,000 m above sea level.

Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis has everything a hiker could possibly wish for. Here you’ll find fascinating surroundings that beg to be explored on a hiking holiday. You don’t always have to go for the high Alpine option, either: there are also plenty of short, interesting routes to choose from in the mountains around Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis. And of course ambitious mountaineers and hikers can also look forward to challenging tours of local summits.

Gentle, well signposted trails through woodland and meadows will delight hikers at altitudes between 1,200 and 1,400 m above sea level.

The air becomes even more rarefied as you proceed up to the tree line at about 2,000 m above sea level. This is where pleasant panoramic trails merge with hiking routes to become fantastic observation decks.

You’ll find yourself on equal terms with the giant peaks at 3,000 m above sea level, where the hiking trails lead from summit to summit.

The network of seven cableway services takes hikers up to about 2,400 metres. Let’s be honest: is there any more delightful way to discover the mountains?


Take a Nordic Walking tour in a landscape of rich greens and breathtaking views

So far, a total of 133 kilometres have been marked as Nordic Walking paths, offering various degrees of difficulty — "133 kilometres of pure pleasure". In winter, these trails convert to ski runs. The severity of a walking path corresponds to its classification as a ski slope: blue, red, and black for flat, average, and steep.

All tracks start off in one of the three villages high up on the plateau and lead into the mountains. This can be a pleasant, gradual ascent or an arduous climb. A walker's delight, for beginners as much as for experienced hikers.

All tracks lead through the picturesque alpine landscape. Instead of skiers pacing down the slopes, you see rich, green meadows gleaming in the blazing sunlight. Herbs and flowers glow in a multitude of colours, while cows graze on the mountain pastures that surround the three Tyrolean villages Serfaus, Fiss, and Ladis. Enjoy the many facets of nature in this unique region as you trudge along the summit trails and forest paths, swinging your walking poles to the beat.

If you go for one of the more demanding trails through the forest or decide to select your own personal walking route from the approx. 500 kilometres of signposted hiking tracks, your shoes had better go all the way up to your ankles. Standard running or walking shoes that give proper flexibility and cushioning are the best for the flat gravel and asphalt paths, but if you want to tackle one of the forest tracks, your ankle joints will need firm support when treading in and between roots.

In good weather, the Bifang route and other tracks which lead up to the Komperdell or Schönjoch mountain tops feature a magnificent view. And if you do not make too much noise with your walking poles and look close enough, you might discover an inquisitive marmot — or witness the spectacular event of the golden eagle soaring down towards its lunch.

Nordic Walking Map Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis (PDF 1,5 MB)


  • Wolfsee Fiss
  • Freischwimmbad Serfaus
  • Högsee Serfaus
  • Badesee Ried
  • Freischimmbad Prutz 






Why us:

  • Central location in the triangle of Tyrol-Italy Switzerland.
  • 25 Alpine passes of breathtaking beauty.
  • Biker Friendly service and garage parking for motorcycles.

Tour suggestions:

  • Stelvio:
    "Queen of the sweeping"
  • Timmelsjoch:
    "The Ötztal Marathon
  • Kaunertal Glacier Road:
    "Hiking in Glacier Ice"
  • Silvretta High Alpine Road:
    "The tender temptation"

16/ GOLF

  • Driving Range Fiss
  • Golf course Seefeld
    (travel time 1 hour)
  • Golf Course Mieming
    (journey time 50 minutes)
  • Lans golf course
    (1 hour drive)


  • Tennisplatz Fiss
    Tel. 0043 (0) 5476/6202-330
  • Tennisplatz Serfaus
    Tel. 0043 (0) 5476/6202-330
  • Tennishalle Schalber
    Tel. 0043 (0) 5476/6770


Schalber  Phone 05476/6770



  • Site Fiss
    "Perdatscher Bichl" or "Schönjoch"
    public and free
  • Area Serfaus
    "Bifang" and "Lazid"
    public and free


Exhilarating leisure activities such as paragliding or model airplane flying turn your holiday into an unforgettable experience. Take your time and enjoy the fresh air and the diverse landscape - from a different perspective. Turn your back on daily life for a while and take in our undisturbed natural environment: recharge your batteries with a stunning view over our imposing mountain world.

Two-seater flights with handglider: with Airtaxi Oberland. Following a brief theoretical introduction, you too can fly with specially trained tandem pilots and discover the truly fantastic feeling of flying

Flying areas

Fiss – Schönjöchl
Start: Schönjöchl 2.500 m
Land: Fiss 1.500 m


  • Revier „Burgweiher Ladis“
    Tel. 0043 (0) 5472/6100
  • Badesee Ried
    Tel. 0043 (0) 5472/2338
  • Inn Prutz
    Tel. 0043 (0) 650/520 3062
  • Faggenbach
    Tel. 0043 (0) 650/520 3062
  • Inn Pfunds
    Tel. 0043 (0) 5474/5958




Segway-station in Ski School directly at the base of the mountain railways Fisser.Daily guided trekking toursTel: +43 676 5621036



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